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5 Reasons – Why You Should Be Eating More Eggs

It is difficult to find food product that at the same time is nutritious, rich in necessary vitamins and minerals. Also is can be easy to prepare in many ways, as well and cheap, such as eggs.

If all of these reasons is not enough for you to enter eggs in your diet. Then the following 5 reasons will surely change your opinion, on positively about their use.

Less pounds

The nutritional composition of the eggs is such that it retains satiety for longer. Two or three eggs for breakfast will keep you away from the snacks for the rest of the day. According to studies, proteins they have in the whole egg are control the appetite, and the body absorbs them very easily. By doing this, you can not only lose a few pounds, but you can also keep your weight at the desired level.

Protection for the heart

The myth that eggs are associated with the onset of some heart disease has already been collapsed. Because the studies confirms the opposite. They contain certain ingredients that help prevent blood clots, which reduces the risk of heart attack.

Bone hardness

For the strength of the bones, merit has vitamin D, which the human body receives most from the sun. However, to strengthen the bones, you cannot wait for the summer to come, but you can consume eggs, because they are rich in vitamin D. In only one egg there are 10 percent of the daily needs of this vitamin.

Hardness and growth of the muscles

The amount of protein in the eggs makes them a great meal after a strenuous exercise, because in the organism they easily absorbs and quickly restores muscle fibers. For their growth and hardness help’s all the nine types of amino acids contained in them. The B12 vitamin is most present in egg yolk, and besides it contained the rare mineral choline, which prevents muscle inflammation.

Better vision

The key role to keeping the eye healthy is nutrient lutein, which is commonly found in green plants. In eggs it has less, but easier to absorb.

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