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7 Ideal Combinations Of Groceries To Get Slim Line of Your Body

These seven super healthy combinations of groceries can make a real miracle for your line and health. Also will be particularly pleasing to you, is that these combinations are extremely important for your skin. Which one should prepare for the warm days ahead.


1.Green tea and lemon

Green tea contains antioxidants that protect the health of the heart. But the body can absorb only 20 percent of them. However, if you add lemon juice in green tea, you will use up to 80 percent of good ingredients of the tea.

2.Green tea and pepper

You do not have to expose yourself to drastic diets to have a slim body line. It’s enough in a cup of green tea to put a little pepper. Pepper helps to absorb certain antioxidants from green tea that help burn calories and fatty deposits.

3.Tomatoes and broccoli

These two groceries have proven to be excellent in the fight against cancer. But according to some studies, their effectiveness is much greater if you eat them together. Next time, make spaghetti with sauce of half a cup of broccoli and a cup of fresh tomatoes.

4.Apricots and almonds

If you want a healthy heart, mix quarter cup of dried apricots and quarter of almonds, then consume as a snack.

5.Yogurt and Blueberry

Immediately after the workout, the body will best recover with a glass of yogurt, in which you put two tablespoons of blueberry. Just 15 minutes after exercise, blueberry will raise your mind, and yogurt proteins will help your muscles.

6.Tomato and olive oil

Tomato’s is rich in alpha and beta carotene, lycopene and antioxidants, and in order to use the best of it, bake them a little bit in bowl, with olive oil.

7.Oat flakes and strawberries

Oat flakes contain phytochemicals that have an effect on bad cholesterol. But in order to act, they need a vitamin C. In a cup of oat flakes cut a few strawberries that fit perfectly into this delicious breakfast!

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