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Aerated juices and their impact on your health

Aerated juices are the enemies of our health in general. What happens to the body when we drink aerated juices in several stages, lasting 2 hours:

After 10 minutes

In the body entering 10 small spoons of sugar, while phosphoric acid which is an integral part of these juices have a role to soften the sweet taste.

After 20 minutes

Abruptly rebounds quantity of sugar in the blood, thus causing insulin explosion. Liver reacts so all sugars that finds them in the blood converts them into fat.

After 40 minutes

Caffeine from the juice is absorbed completely in the body. Comes to the spread of apple of the eye,blood pressure grow and liver pumps much more sugar into the bloodstream.

After 45 minutes

The body increases the production of dopamine, whose role is a stimulating the brain centers for sense of comfort.

after an hour

Phosphoric acid reacts with calcium, magnesium and zinc in the colon, thus causing a additional explosion in our metabolism. This further complicated from high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners, which further increases the excretion of calcium in the urine.

More than an hour

Properties of caffeine how diuretic begin to affect the body, comes to increased urination . Then the whole calcium, magnesium and zinc that were intended for the bones are ejects out of the body.

After two hours

As it begins to subsides chaos in the body from the use of this type of drink, starts to feel a lack of sugar and at the same time we have the feeling that we are tired.

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