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Aloe Vera – Or known as an elixir of eternal youth

Aloe Vera , or known as an elixir of eternal youth, is one of the most miraculously plants in the group of lilies ,with a lot the of a favorable effect on our body when used. This type of plants only succeed in tropical and subtropical areas.

There are over 200 different species of this plant, but only one is used for medical purposes,a that’s : Aloe Barbadensis Miller (Latin) or commercially known as Aloe Vera.

According to legends, this plant is “guilty” of Cleopatra’s healthy and shiny skin, which she used for rejuvenation.

How it is used

Aloe Vera is consumed through the digestive tract,with what helps to better digest food, them absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals,a affects all cells of the body, strengthens the immune system. With his use, aloe reimbursement the lack of vitamins in the body.

In addition to oral use, it can also be used for a wound healing, and in medicine it is used after the surgery.

Do not expect the changes to happen at once. Gradually, the aloe shows its boon. Helps for healthy and shiny skin, relieves pain, increases collagen production. It is used to treat hemorrhoids, dermatitis, redness, irritation, psoriasis, eye inflammation, and to against creation wrinkle of the face. It protects the body from cancer, tumor, Aids, reduces sugar in the blood, reduces inflammatory processes such as colitis, arthritis and gastritis.

The gel from Aloe Vera acts as an antioxidant and as a detoxifier . It is recommended for maintaining teeth and mouth. Juice from Aloe Vera is considered one of the best purifiers of the body and internal organs, for the stomach, liver, spleen, kidneys, and bladder.

In the daily diet

Anywhere around you can see products that say that they contain Aloe Vera. Many manufacturers use this product to attract as many consumers as possible and make quick profits. These products contain only a small part, processed Aloe Vera plants, sweetened with sugars. The true juice that contains 100% Aloe Vera gel has a bitter taste, is difficult to drink and rarely can be found in stores.

How to prepare Aloe Vera juice

Take a leaf from Aloe Vera and cut it to the half and over the bowl drain the liquid . After that you can immediately put it on the wound or if you ar drinket him ,add some water or juice, and drink it quickly. The Aloe Vera leachate as quickly loses its self effect.

Note:Before you start treatment with Aloe Vera, first consult your doctor.

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