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Goji Berries – Health Benefits Of This Powerful Super food

Goji berries represent one of the most powerful plants in the world. The region of origin is proposed to be somewhere in the southeastern parts of Europe or the southwestern region of Asia. Goji berries can be found with the following names: Chinese wolfberry, Tibetan or Himalayan goji, Barbary matrimony vine,

Is White Rice As Healthy As We Think?

For a while now, there have been talks about the health benefits of brown rice in comparison to white rice. Let’s check out what the experts have to say regarding the health benefits of white versus brown rice. WHITE RICE This is the most commonly used type of rice. White rice is produced

Safe Detox With Artichoke Extract

Looking for a safe, natural, effective way to detox? Consider the artichoke, which has been prized for centuries as a culinary delicacy and a potent liver and blood cleanser. Artichokes are actually the buds of a plant that originated in the Mediterranean region. Today, global artichoke cultivation is concentrated in

The Health Benefits of Plum as a Natural Multivitamin

For the plum can be said, that this fruit represents a true natural multivitamin. The vitamins that contain these low-energy fruits are in ratio optimal for the human body. The plums are low energy value fruit, which is about 4 times less than energy value of the bread. Their excellent taste

5 Groceries That Have Preventive Anticancer Effect

Many people today, depending on their capabilities, is trying improve their lifestyle habits, such as use of healthy food sources, physical activity, reducing stress and thus contribute to reduce risk of the occurrence of this severe disease. Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits is likely to reduce the risk of cancer.