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Pollen Allergy – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Practical Tips

Many people today are facing with allergic problems, and especially with pollen allergy. One of the most common forms is allergic rhinitis or pollen fever which causes a constant leakage from the nose and inflammation of his mucous membrane. Allergic rhinitis occurs when are inhaled ingredients (pollen particles) from the air,

Detox versus Cleaning – What Is the Difference?

We use the words detox or body cleansing in the same connotation, but they have different meanings. What do we mean when talking about detox? The goal of the detox is eliminate toxins from the body, by turning them into a waste that we throw out (from smoking cigarettes, chemicals, heavy

5 Ways To Treat Gout Naturally

Gout is a form of arthritis associated with severe, sudden pain in the joints along with inflammation and stiffness. It affects mainly the big toe but can also attack the ankle, elbow, wrist and fingers. The affected joints become tender and warm to touch and the nearby skin turns reddish. Gout

Lecithin from Sunflower- For Normal Function of Vital Organs

Lecithin is the most common phospholipid (complex type of fat) in the body, witch is essential for normal body function, especially for vital organs such as heart, brain, liver, and nervous system. Lecithin represents key building material for cell membranes, whose role is to provide the flow of nutrients into cells

What Really Are The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has long been a heated discussion among activists and people on capital hill. With marijuana now being used for a variety of medical purposes it is pretty evident that doctors and politicians are starting to see the immense benefits that it can provide. In fact, over the years medical marijuana

Blueberries Are a Natural, Healthy & Strong Aspirin

Blueberries should be consumed regularly, because is a natural aspirin that relieves pain, blood thinner and prevents inflammation. Blueberries are the secret elixir of youth and health. Blue or purple pigments, which increase the level of vitamin C in the body, reduces fragility of capillaries, neutralize free radicals, prevent collagen destruction, and

Top Five Ways to Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease has become one of the world’s leading health concerns, and the problem is growing with shocking speed. As the obesity epidemic has gone global, the same holds true for two other killers in the form of diabetes and heart disease.These two killers have reached true epidemic proportions, and

5 Powerful Natural Antibiotics in the Service of Your Health

In simple terms, antibiotics are agents that fight infection causing bacteria, and may help prevent diseases. Over the years, due to overuse of antibiotics the common disease causing bacteria have now developed resistance, and need an even more powerful dose of antibiotics to perish, which is raising concerns among experts