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Cherries are excellent against rheumatism, against kidney and urinary tract disease, digestive tract disease and more….

Cherry is an excellent companion to fight rheumatism. The list of substances that are hidden in cherry is considerably big, but we list some really important for our health. So in cherries can be found: vitamin C, folic acid, calcium and iron.

We already know that vitamin C is excellent for the general immune system, while folic acid is good for heart and bloodstream. The calcium strengthens our bones, and the iron gives a better blood image.

Cherries have a positive effect on human health, and that they reduce the level of uric acid and treat inflammation. What is the fruit of cherry darker colors, it is cherry healthier for the human body.

However, in addition to the listed substances in the cherry and we find the so-called Anthocyanidins

Anthocyanidins also have a good cosmetic effect. They strengthen the connective tissue, and prevent the formation of wrinkles by destroying harmful tissue enzymes that make old and wrinkled skin. Also, cherry is good in the fight against cellulite.

By using the protective acids, and the fruit sugar that can be found in cherries, they stimulate stomach, bowel and pancreas activity, which ultimately positively reflects the digestion in general.

Cherries also prevent the emergence of caries. Because of the bacteriological substances they contain, cherries are excellent in preventing caries on the teeth, and problems with gums.

Cherry has a beneficial effect in the treatment of the following diseases:

Against kidney and urinary tract disease. In this case, tea from stalks of cherry is recommended. It is necessary to cook a handful of stalks in one liter of water for two minutes, from the moment the water is boiling. Leave the tea to stand for a while, And unsweetened drink it during the day in smaller swallows.

Cherry treat physical and mental exhaustion. This is really sweet therapy, just every day, eat at least 250 grams of fresh cherries.

Cherries treated and kidney stones. Teaspoon of cherry stalks cover with 2 dl water or milk and boil this one to two minutes. Leave all covered for 5 minutes, and then strain. You drink three times a day.

Cherries are good against rheumatism. During the eight days daily drink juice of fresh cherries three times a day, after that one glass.

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