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Combinations Honey and Cinnamon for Good Health and Slim Body Line

Combinations with honey and cinnamon is great for health, because prevents accumulation of fats in the body. For effective loss of unwanted kilograms, certain changes in habits is necessary, which of course, also include the regime of diet.

Below we present three recipes for drinks, that can help you to maintain your health and achieve slim body line.

1.Cinnamon and honey

This simplest combination with cinnamon and honey its great for losing unwanted pounds in the body.

This drink prevents fats accumulation in the body, cleans digestive tract and neutralizes harmful substances, that slow down the metabolism.

Prepare this drink in the evening,

  • First boil 200 milliliters of water.
  • Placed around 2.5 grams of cinnamon in a cup, and then pour over with boiling water.
  • Close the cup and let it cool down.

Before drinking,

  • add 1 teaspoon of honey and drink half the dose before going to bed.
  • put rest of dose in refrigerator.
  • drink rest of dose after waking up, on an empty stomach.

2.Cinnamon, honey and ginger

If you like ginger, then you can make this perfect and healthy drink.

Put half teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup with lukewarm water. Then add one teaspoon of ground ginger. According to your wish, you can improve the taste with honey and yogurt. This beverage is drink on empty stomach before breakfast.

3.Cinnamon, honey and sprouted wheat grains

This drink can help you to lose weight and clear the body of toxins.

You need 40 grams of sprouted wheat grains. Place them in a larger bowl and then add tablespoon of honey and a spoon of cinnamon. Pour over with a little boiling water and 230 milliliters of yogurt or kefir with a low percentage of fat. Stir well. This is a great choice for a healthy breakfast!

Note: Natural recipes are not a substitute for traditional medicine, nor for medicines prescribed by a doctor. Do not use them if you are hypersensitive to some of the natural Ingredients in this recipes.

Thanks for reading!