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Detox With Water – For Discard Toxins From The Body And Reduce Weight In Short Time!

Water has the power to speed up metabolism, to stimulate ejection of toxins and various sediments from the body. So, the best way to make detoxification of the body is exactly pure water. Pure water represents most beautiful gift and best thing for your body.

With the process of detoxification of the organism at the same time will be happen and reducing few pounds of excess weight. Therefore make one of the next two recipes and finally you will be able to throw out the toxins and reduce fatty deposits, especially from the stomach.

Recipe 1


– 2 l water

– 1 lemon (medium sized), on the pieces

– 12 fresh mint leaves

– 1 teaspoon ginger (grated)

– 1 cucumber (medium sized), on the pieces

Method of preparation

All ingredients is placed in a glass jug. The whole mixture is left to stand all night, In order for the all ingredients to release their best nutrients. Drink the detox water over the next day, and after 7 days you will notice the results.

Recipe 2


-2 l water

-2 fresh mint leaves

-1 mandarin

-6 pieces of grapefruit

-1/2 cucumber on the pieces

Method of preparation

First, make sure that you have well washed all the ingredients before cutting them into a pieces. Add them into the water and let stand about 2 hours. Then mix and drink detox water during the day.

Note: If you are using certain medications, or if you are sensitive to some of the natural Ingredients in this recipes, before you start detox make sure to consult with your doctor.

Thanks for reading!