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Discover the Secrets of Spa Cuisine

These are few basic rules about dietary, that experts is recommend them, which should be respected in preparing food in the Spa Cuisine.

Useful drinks

It is best to drink tea from domestic medicinal herbs, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action. These are teas from chamomile, parsley, sage, dog rose and mint. Honey water acts as a strong antioxidant, juice from ginger and lemon also is very useful.

We recommend juices from freshly squeezed fruit, as well and frappe from vegetable milk – almond, oat, rice and buckwheat.

Pyramid for nutrition

Proper nutrition before all implies a proper choice of food products, combination of ingredients, as well proper preparation. The correct choice of foodstuffs is perceived to the so called a pyramid of nutrition.

The basis is cereals, which should be most present in the menu, while on the top are, greasy foods and sweets, what should be least represented.

The best thing is eat organic food, like fruit, vegetables and grains from the local environment. Spa – Cuisine includes a lot of fish, plenty of salads, seeds, how and consuming of bioflavonoids from dark chocolate.

Combining of products

Food should be properly combined so that, their nutrients can be used in the best way. Foods which containing biologically valuable proteins should combined with those that do not contain them – meaning foods of animal origin, with those of vegetable.

Vegetarians should, be carefully combine various vegetable foods – legumes, seeds, nuts and cereals. For example, we recommend beans with barley flakes and seeds or rice with peas and seeds.

Should, be care to combine products according to Hay, which means that we should not eat concentrated carbohydrates and concentrated proteins, for example, pasta with goulash and the like.

“Any carbohydrate foods require alkaline conditions for their complete digestion, so must not be combined with acids of any kind, as sour fruits, because the acid will neutralise. Neither should these be combined with a protein of concentrated sort as these protein foods will excite too much hydrochloric acid during their stomach digestion.” – William Hay, How to Always Be Well

Foods of animal origin should be eaten with fresh or heat-treated vegetables, but not with potatoes.

What do we more need to know?

Food should not be too much boiled. Additives like flour to get a creamy structure of the broth are not welcome. Use small quantity salt and add more spicy herbs. Foods needs to be nice served, because that, also contributes to better digestion.

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