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Discover Why Celery Juice Becomes One Of The Most Beloved Women’s Beverages

Regular training and healthy eating are a combination that will give your body enough energy for the everyday life. Also will help him to successfully overcome and excess pounds.

To be successfully losing weight, you must speed up your metabolism, which will not only help you physically feel better, but you will also feel the psychological benefits, including the comfort in your skin.

So, what role does celery juice play in this whole situation?

Celery is very healthy, and in a natural way it accelerates your metabolism. It is full of vitamins A, C, B, E, and minerals such as calcium magnesium and potassium. Therefore represents a natural cleanser of the body.

It also has an incredible diuretic effect. In addition, he is a great ally in the fight against bacterial infections.

Nutritional fibers and water, which are part of the celery juice, stimulate the removal of toxins from the body, through ejection of liquids.

How to prepare this juice

To prepare this juice, first remove the celery leaves, and cut the root into several pieces. Place the pieces in a blender and add some water. For a better taste, you can always add a little lemon, ginger, cucumber and even teaspoon of honey to taste.

It is recommended to drink this juice every morning and then several more times during the day. If this juice positively effects on your health, do not forget to constantly have a bottle of celery close in, so you can drink whenever you feel like your energy level drops.


1.Celery lowers blood pressure

It contains phthalide, a compound that reduces the production of stress hormones, relaxes the muscles around the arteries and improves circulation. Potassium found in celery stabilizes heartbeats.

2.Good fighter against cancer

One study has shown that the celery contains luteolin, a compound that reduces the production of cancer cells. Everyday consumption significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer.

3.Reduces inflammation

Celery can help you remove chronic inflammations that are extremely dangerous and can lead to diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Hippocrates wrote that celery calms the nerves and can relieve your symptoms of asthma, joint pain, lung infection, and acne.

4.Reduces cholesterol levels

It contains 3-N-butylphthalide or NBP, the only compound that maintains the level of cholesterol. Celery lowers cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy.

5.Increases fertility in men

Reducing productivity affects fertility reduction. Therefore, by adding celery to your diet, you increase the number and motility of the sperm.

6.Improves Digestion

Celery contains plenty of water, and this can help relieve digestion. Also contains compound called “NBP” that improves circulation through the intestine.

7.Celery helps in reduce excess pounds

Celery is rich in nutrients and contains very little calories. Therefore you should by add it in almost every meal, if you want to reduce excess pounds.

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