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Health Benefits Of Green Coffee – Why and For Whom It Is Useful

Green coffee is a product, for whose quality and use, many is not yet familiar. However, coffee is one of the most popular stimulants, and after water and tea, is third most commonly used drink in the world.

Green coffee is actually no more than raw coffee beans, prior to being roasted, ground, and brewed into a beverage. It is extremely rich in Chlorogenic acid – a strong antioxidant that has a more growing popularity, mostly in cosmetics.

Chlorogenic acid is the substance that is believed to be responsible for the health benefits associated green coffee bean extract. The high heat used during the roasting process, however, mostly destroys the chlorogenic acid in raw coffee beans.

Healthy benefits of Green coffee

–  The green coffee extract reduces wrinkles, cellulite, and strengthens hair and nails.

– The extract of green coffee has the ability to accelerate and increase the excretion of excess fluid from the body, and with them the accumulated toxins.

– The cosmetic oil from the green coffee beans improves hair growth, and it is recommended for dry and sensitive    skin on the face.

– The green coffee extract has anti-cellulite effect, therefore is often added like ingredient in various creams and massage emulsions.

– The oil is applied in the treatment of burns and scars. But be careful, even if the burn is small or first-degree, check with a doctor if it doesn’t heal within a week. Also, call if the scar is large or it doesn’t fade.

– Creams based from the oil of green coffee, are used in dermatology – in case of dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

– The same oil is one of the main ingredients of eye creams intended for wrinkling around the eyes, and they manage to reduce even deep wrinkles.

– The oil from this coffee is used after exposure to the sun’s rays, for calming, moisturize and nourish the skin.

– Green coffee is used in the fight against excess pounds.

– Green coffee is very popular in various food additives and weight control ingredient.

– Reduces headache.

– Just like regular black coffee, freshly ground and cooked green coffee increases the quality of brain activity, without unnecessarily exciting the nervous system.

– It is a good supplemental source of iron, calcium, selenium, vitamins E and C, which are among the most popular antioxidants, recommended for the health of hair and nails.

– The extract of green coffee reduces blood sugar, which once again helps with weight loss. It is therefore recommended for people with diabetes.

In case of ulcer, high blood pressure and thyroid disease – the green coffee, under the form of a drink or as a dietary supplement, should be used carefully and best after consultation with doctor.

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