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Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments

There are many people who feel annoyed at having to take industry manufactured drugs for even the most trivial diseases such as coughs, stomach aches or even acne. People who feel such medicine to cause more harm than good through the numerous chemicals used in them and the possibility of suffering a number of different side effects.

Although not substitutes to these drugs, there are a number of herbal remedies that can be used to help cure some common diseases to a certain extent. Below is a list of few of the diseases that can be addressed by the proper utilization of a few select herbs:


There are a number of different herbs that a person can use to help fight acne. Garlic can be greatly beneficial for this cause. This can be done by taking two garlic cloves and extracting their juice, then adding an equal amount of vinegar. The resulting mixture should then be dabbed on the pimples. Onions can also be used with honey for the same reason, done by taking a medium sized onion and slicing it up into a half a cup of honey. Simmer the mixture until the onions are soft, and apply the mixture on the pimples directly. A paste can also be prepared from neem leaves and honey, or with turmeric.


Constipation can be cured by a large number of different elements readily available at home and easily prepared. For example, lemon juice is hugely beneficial; drinking a mixture of it with lukewarm water about three times a day will help ease the constipation. Similarly, drinking a cup of wheatgrass juice or one teaspoon of olive oil every morning before breakfast on an empty stomach also helps. Fruits such as guava and papaya are also known to help reduce the difficulties of constipation.


This is a problem faced by many people and most of them spend a lot of money on expensive medicinal shampoos and different types of therapies to reduce the effects of dandruff. They can also try these simple home remedies that can hugely help while not costing much less than professional help.

One of the most popular home remedies for dandruff is curd. This is prepared by fermenting a small amount of it for about two to three days and then applying it directly on the hair and massaging it into the scalp. Allow the curd to then set and dry for about one hour, and then wash it off. It is a very effective solution to such a persistent problem.

Coconut oil is frequently applied to help strengthen hair, but it can also be used to address the problem of dandruff. Boil some coconut oil with tulsi and neem leaves with a little bit of powdered camphor. Once that is done, let the mixture cool and then massage that into your scalp. Doing this every time before taking a shower will have great results on removing dandruff from the scalp.


Almonds and strawberries are known to contain the element salicylate which is known to help reduce the troubles of headaches if consumed in sufficient amounts. You can also make a paste from a number of different herbal components such as mint leaves or from sandalwood and powdered cinnamon, and then applying this paste on the forehead gives great relief from the headache. Finally, mixing equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water, then boiling the mixture and inhaling the steam does wonders to reduce headaches.

Note: These herbal remedies are great for a quick cure to relieve some of the pains simply sitting at home. However, they are not potent enough to counter problems that have become too severe. Also, it is always best to consult a doctor before engaging herbal medicine as you may be allergic to a lot of them and wouldn’t even know it before it was too late. And finally, if you have already been prescribed drugs to help reduce a problem, it is best to stay on it. Although herbal home remedies do help, they are not good enough to completely replace drugs and straying from your prescription may eventually cause more harm than good.

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