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How to make one of the best natural remedy for immunity, so tasty: Ginger Jam

When the outer weather is more often changing, then we are most exposed on cold, and other types of infections. Therefore is necessary to keep an eye on health. For this, strengthening immunity is most needed.

In continuation, we give you a recipe that has been tested, who is a vitamin bomb. Jam with lemon, ginger and honey. If the necessary ingredients are from organic production, the healing effect will be even better.

This mixture will help to strengthen your immunity, as well on your loved ones.

Necessary ingredients

1 Root of ginger

3 lemons,

Half a kilo of honey

Method of preparation

1. Wash the lemon, cut him into small cubes, and then grind it in a blender.

2. Ginger root, peeled and finely ground.

3. Connect lemon and ginger together with the honey. Mix well the mixture, and place it in glass jar of one liter.

This jam does not require heat treatment. You can store it for a long time, thanks to the honey. You can add this jam in tea, put it on bread, or simply eat it every day, per one spoon.

Be sure, it is one of the best natural ways to boost immunity. But be careful, if you are allergic to honey, should not be consume it.

Thanks for reading!