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Make for yourself a natural antibiotic that prevents colds and flu

This year you may be a victim of poor immunity, flu or cold, so we suggest that this is an effective solution to make your natural antibiotic.

This natural antibiotic is useful, fast and inexpensive for preparation and has no negative consequences that may arise when using certain antibiotics.

necessary ingredients:

-1 garlic clove

-2 teaspoons honey

-2 teaspoons ginger powder

-Half teaspoon crushed hot peppers

-Half teaspoon cinnamon

-1 dl fresh lemon juice

Method of preparation:

Put mashed garlic, ginger powder, hot peppers, cinnamon and lemon juice in the bowl. Mix well all ingredients and add honey. Leave the syrup for next three hours at room temperature. After that, put it in a jar and put it in the refrigerator.

how to use:

Every morning, before you eat, take a spoonful of syrup to strengthen your immune system. If you already have a cold, take one tablespoon of syrup three times a day before meal.

Thanks for reading!