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Mint Leaves – First Aid For Pain in The teeth, Bad Breath And Depression

We believe that you often consume mint because of her health benefits. Mint is a medicinal herb which is used for various pains and health problems. Also Mint is an herb that is widely used in folk medicine.

It is used against severe pain in the teeth, bad breath, headaches, depression, gums inflammation, digestive problems, cramps and etc.

Mint can be prepared in several different ways. Often people make tea from it. Tea from the mint neutralizes bad breath, improves appetite and improves digestion. It is also used to enrich the taste of numerous specialties in the kitchen, when we preparing cakes and delicious meals.

It also finds wide application in medicine and cosmetics. Some of the most beautiful massages are made with mint oil. These massages is are relaxing and they enhance the circulation in your body. In a short time you will feel how you have freed yourself from heavy load in your shoulders, because this massage stimulates the nervous system and acts favorably making you more calm and relaxed.

In the continuation, a few helpful tips

Tip 1– Tea from mint or fresh mint leaves is act well on the digestive system and help in fight against excess pounds. If you want to reduce your weight, hydrate yourself and therefore “spice” water with mint and lemon leaves.

Tip 2 – It is also effective for weight loss and for this you need to drink tea from fresh mint leaves . In a covered bowl with boiling water (500 ml) besides fresh leaves, also add spoon of honey, spoon of cinnamon and spoon finely chopped ginger.

Tip 3 – In order to consume more mint, you can add it into the orange juice, and at the same time have significant benefits for the loss of excess pounds. The orange, grapefruit and lemon are citrus fruits that are quite useful to the weight loss process.

Precautionary measures

Do not use Mint to try to solve digestive problems if symptoms are associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). It can worsen symptoms. Pure menthol is poisonous and should never be taken internally. Be careful with mint products if you have or have previously had gallstones. Do not apply mint oil on the face on the newborn or small child, as it can cause spasms that inhibit breathing. Speak with your doctor to determine whether any of your medications could interact with mint or mint oil. Also, care should be taken of the use of citrus fruit in combination, especially for grapefruit, which can be dangerous, when simultaneously taking certain medications.

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