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Mixture of honey and tahini- natural remedy for diseases of the respiratory system

With a this tasty and healthy natural remedy, for keeping your health, for strengthen your immunity, and especially for protect your chest health.

This medicine is being prepared very easily and quickly, with no harmful consequences and maintains the health of the respiratory system. You can use it for prevention of colds and flu.


1 kg of honey

1 kg tahini

If desired, you can also add hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and etc ,in the quantity on your own choice, you can add and lemon juice (juice of 1 kg of lemon for the suggested dose) Each added ingredient only improves the taste, what you will add, the choice is a on your taste.

method of preparation:

-In large bowl, put equal amounts of honey and tahini ( the proportions is: 1 kg per 1 kg or 1/2 kg per 1/2 kg and etc ,is are of your choice)

-Mix well and add additional ingredients if desired.

-Place the resulting mixture in a glass jar and close. Keep in at room temperature.


Consume on an empty stomach.One tablespoon of the morning and in the evening.

Note: This medicine must not be used from a people who are allergic to honey or tahini.

Thanks for reading!