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Natural Beverage That Helps In Breaks Kidney Stones Within 10 Days

Studies show that, at least one in a 20 people will be create stones in the kidneys during the lifetime, and when they pass through urinary tract can be very painful. But thanks to one food product, the problem can be resolved within 10 days.

The most of kidney stones are able to pass through urinary tract within 48 hours, without any problems, with drinking large volumes of fluid.

But in the case of one large stone or several smaller, it may be very painful and unpleasant, for which you should be go to a doctor.

However, the presence of kidney stone can be solved in a natural way, and one of the most successful home remedy is use of millet, which is use for medical purposes for many years back.

Millet is nutritious and very healthy cereal, which can decompose stones, sand and sediment, in kidney and bladder, and to clean them from poisons.

The beverage against kidney stones


– 200 grams of millet

– 2 liters of water

Also, you need dishes for preparation of this beverage

– pot of 3 liters

– glass jar with a lid

Method of preparation

1. At night, before bedtime, rinse millet in warm water and let it to standing overnight.

2. In the morning, place him in a pot.

3. Boil 2 liters of water and then, add them in the pot.

4. Cover pot with lid and leave all day to standing.

5. In the evening or the next morning, stir and drain of liquid into a glass jar, which you will close in the end.

6. Drink the liquid every day 10 to 15 days in an unlimited amount (at least one glass per day).

It is also worth noting that after the ejection of the kidney stones, they should be taken to an authorized biochemical laboratory to determine their composition. Thus we will find the reason for their creation. Is it a from certain type of foods or lifestyle, thus we will reduce the chances of repeating the same painful process.

Note: These tips are not meant to be used in place of the recommendations of your healthcare professional and remember: what works for some, might not work for others.

Advice plus

Do not throw millet because it is а very healthy food. Boil a cup of millet and 3 cups of water for about 15 minutes (such as oat or rice) and eat it for breakfast as a mash with honey and dried fruit or grated chocolate.

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