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Natural medicines from nuts for fertility, anemia, wound healing, ulcers and more…

Walnuts are treasury of health, full of antioxidants and nutrients. From these nutrients you can make various culinary specialties, as well as medicinal preparations that will keep your good health through of the year.

– Walnuts and honey for better fertility and potency

The walnuts is a natural aphrodisiac and contains vitamins B1 and B2 that give energy to the body, also is a vital elements that are important for the development of the glands. They are rich with zinc, which in turn is important for normal sexual activity and for the prostate work.

In combination with honey, it acts intensively, which also abounds with substances that are important for male reproductive health.

Mix in equal proportions, crushed walnuts with honey from chestnut. Eat 3 tablespoons of this mixture, 3 times a day. In order to achieve the desired result, the drug should be applied at least 20-30 days. This mixture is effective both for high blood pressure and headache.

– Mixture against anemia

This mixture will help you to overcome anemia and exhaustion.

Prepare mixture of half a kilogram of meadow honey, half a kilogram of crushed walnuts and one lemon(juice). Mix all of it well, and take one tablespoon every 3-4 hours.

– Homemade walnut milk, against the stomach ulcer

Homemade walnut milk is cure that stimulates healing of the stomach ulcer. For the preparation of this milk, is placed 20 grams of crushed walnuts with 2 dl boiled water. Shake well, drain and add large spoon of honey.

Before every meal drink 5-6 teaspoons from this milk.

– Green walnuts for the thyroid gland

The young green walnuts are rich in the main structural elements of thyroid hormones – iodine and tyrosine. In clinical trials it has been confirmed that green walnuts oil significantly increases the level of thyroxine.

This cure is very popular in treating hypothyroidism naturally. Mix in equal amounts crushed green walnuts (large as hazelnuts) with honey. Leave in a dark place to standing for 30 days. Consume one teaspoon per day.

– Traditional Russian tincture against all types of tumors

Chop finely 150 grams root of valerian, 50 grams nutmeg and 50 grams of birch buds, add ½ litre vodka or brandy, and then add 150 grams whole husk of green walnuts.

Allow to stand about 10 days in a dark place.

Put 15 drops of tincture in 1 dl of water, and drink three times a day, half an hour before a meal.

– Tea from young leaves of walnuts for cleaning the blood

Tea from young walnuts leaves is used like cleanser for the blood. It is an excellent remedy against skin diseases, diabetes and jaundice, hemorrhoids, parasites, arthritis, and due to low sodium content is recommended for the kidney disease.

After harvesting, the leaves should be dried. For prepare this tea, on 2 tablespoons dried leaves, add 2 dl cold water and cook for 5 minutes. The bowl with tea must be covered with a lid 15 minutes. You can drink 3 cups per day from this tea.

– Walnut paneling, prepared from fringed of walnut against bleeding

On an amount of two hands fringed walnut, add 1 liter boiled water and leave it for 10 minutes.

You can use this product, as a coating against bleeding , hemorrhoids and vaginal rinsing.

– Syrup from young fresh leaves for healthy skin

Soak the young fresh leaves with equal quantity of alcohol, and leave it to standing about 48 hours. Add enough honey to get thick syrup.

Take per one tablespoon before a meal.

– Powder for the strengthening body and wound healing

The powder is made from dried husk of green walnuts, through process of grinding.

For strengthen the body, disinfect and wound healing, take 2 teaspoons powder dissolved in water or juice. For external paneling, use mix of 4 tablespoons powder with yarrow tea ( Achillea millefolium), and apply to the wound.

Note:Before starting a treatment with taking natural medicines, be sure to consult your doctor.

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