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Salad that will refresh you and I will satisfy your need for water after physical exertion

In the past in some areas of the world, people who have worked hard physical work outdoors or worked on agricultural fields of a very hot sunny day, were exposed of the loss of water from the body or excessive sweating.

This salad is a solution to achieve balance and to restore strength and freshness of the body.

necessary ingredients:

– cold water

– garlic

– cucumber

– sea salt

– vinegar

Preparation is very simple, mashed garlic with salt, cucumber cut into cubes and circles, you can remove the bark if you do not have organic, add vinegar (preferably apple vinegar) and pour with cold water.

This salad is easy to prepare, the amount of ingredients you can adjust according to your taste.

The main reason why this salad stops the thirst is salt, specifically function of the electrolytes sodium Na + and chloride Cl-, which are its components. They are needed to regulate body fluids and their pH value. The other ingredients have just refreshing effect.

When you expose your body on physical labor as mentioned before, the process of cooling the body (sweat)besides water from the body disappears and salt, so this salad will help to re-achieve the balance of sodium and chloride, and thus the balance of body fluids.

For more information on electrolytes and their effect on the body follow the link

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