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Tea of Cumin & meadow honey … perfect combination with antibacterial action!

On the cumin seeds, traditionally he is given medicinal properties. Since ancient times, cumin tea has been used as a means of improving digestion. Tea also has an antibacterial effect. Even today, people use it for the same reason, and his bitter aroma combined with meadow honey that you add as desired, makes it irresistible.

Cumin tea is consumed regularly, especially if you have problems with digestion or any part of the digestive tract. It has a beneficial effect on the whole organism.

Here’s how to properly prepare it

Necessary ingredients

1 tablespoon cumin

250 mg. water

1 large spoon of meadow honey

Method of preparation

Pour the cumin into 250 mg. boiling water and allow to stand for 5 to 10 minutes. While the water is still very hot, add one tablespoon of honey, mix it well and cover the glass. Allow the glass to stand for a few more minutes, then you can consume it.

Except honey some people like cumin tea with a little milk, taste is specific, so some like it and some do not. Try maybe you will like it.

Thanks for reading!