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These 5 Alkaline Vegetables Is Good To Eat Every Day For Your Vibrant Health

Alkaline food is more often promoted in the fight against malignant disease, heart disease, diabetes. Today’s suggestions for alkaline vegetables have green color. Green vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that are needed for normal functioning of the body, such as iron, folic acid, magnesium, amino acids, sulfur compounds, omega 3 fatty acids and etc.

Green vegetables promote detoxification of the body, so we recommend increased consumption during the summer period (when you can buy them as an organic) from the year when the body needs to be cleaned of toxins.

In the following, we will present you our selection of 5 alkaline vegetables:


Spinach is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A, which is important for the cardiovascular system and contains vitamin K which is important for bones. In spinach are found 13 flavonoids – strong antioxidants that strengthen immunity in fight against free radicals.


Cucumber helps regulate blood sugar, so it’s beneficial for diabetics. The cucumber healing and strengthens teeth, nails and stimulates hair growth. Cucumber is a vegetable that contains 95% water, but is also rich in minerals, natural salt, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants. Potassium and manganese that are found in this vegetable, help regulate blood pressure, and the fibers overcome the feeling of hunger.


Broccoli is a remarkably healing vegetable. Numerous studies have shown that sulforaphane, located in broccoli, stimulates the protein synthesis, that is protects cells from cancer. Sulforaphane has anticancer, anti diabetic and antimicrobial activity.


The new research found that a frequent consumption of avocado can positively affect on cholesterol regulation.

All sources of unsaturated fatty acids, including avocado, contain fats that improve the health of the cardiovascular system. Scientists also say that avocado additionally contributing to health because it regulates appetite.

But, medium size avocado contains about 320 calories and 30 grams of fat. One avocado a day may be too much, so it’s important to consult doctor or nutritionist.

Avocado can be easily introduced into daily diet because they agree with all kinds of foods including fish, meat, salads, milk and dairy products. The choice is yours depending on lifestyle.

Green Peppers

Green Peppers are rich with vitamin C and antioxidants. Use them in fresh salads and combine with other groceries (explore a lot of recipes), bake it and you have a healthy and tasty meal. The green pepper is a vegetable that is present during the summer months in agricultural markets and stores. So that can be consumed to a greater extent at that time of the year.

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