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These Are Few Reasons Why You Should Eat Melon More Often

This summer fruit belongs to the same family which includes the watermelon, pumpkin and cucumber. The melon is rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains a large percent of vitamins C and B. From antioxidant contains beta carotene which plays a very important role in health. It also contains minerals such as calcium, potassium (three times as much from the watermelon), magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

Thanks to the high percent of water, about 95%, low sugar content and excellent smell and taste, this fruit is ideal summer refreshment.

How use of melon improves our health?

The water of melon stimulates the kidney’s activity and regulates blood pressure. The high level of nutrients it contains helps digest food. Beta carotene helps in fight against tumor. Also, recent studies have shown that the melon can be used to combat several types of cancer.

What are the other reasons why you should eat melon more often?

  • The melon is ideal for detoxification of the body. In 100 grams of melon is found 300 milligrams of potassium, which helps to remove sodium from the body. This process leads to reduction high blood pressure.
  • Another antioxidant found in the melon, zeaxanthin, protects eye health from harmful ultra violet rays that can lead to damage and occurrence of cataracts. Daily use of fruit reduces risk of cataracts during old age.
  • Also, the consumption of melon reduces risk of asthma due to the presence of beta-carotene, (which is also found in the other groceries with yellow and orange color such as pumpkin, carrot and etc.). Vitamin C which has a protective effect against asthma, in large quantities is found in melon, citrus and tropical fruits.
  • In the past, the melon juice was used to relieve pain. If you want to get rid of pain, apply juice on the sore spot, or put finely chopped pieces of melon.
  • In folk medicine, melon is used for refreshment and soothing.
  • The melon is also useful in the fight against stones in the kidneys, as well as against diseases of the bile and intestines.
  • It is used to relieve pain from insect bites and burns.
  • Consuming the melon does not effect on increase the body weight. Therefore its use is ideal if you want to lose weight.

After the listed health benefits of melon, the summer is the ideal time to use this wonderful fruit as much as possible.

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