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These are the 10 surprising reasons why gelatin is given to sick people in the hospital

Gelatin has been known to contain amino acids just like glycine and proline, where most of the people do not get enough of in the food that they usually eat on a daily basis.

Amino acids are the one who is responsible for the good condition of the skin, hair and even the growth of the nails. It also regulates weight and enhances the immune functions. Its 1/3 glycine content contains anti-inflammatory properties that has the ability to enable quicker healing of wounds and also to provide sound sleep.

Hospitals have provided gelatin to those patients who are recovering and need food that can be effortlessly digested. Gelatin is a liquid that can be easily digested and making delicious jelly will be perfect for them.

Gelatin is rich in proteins and only 1 tbs. contains six grams of protein. Also can help in improving digestive strength, enhancing the gastric acid secretion and even restoring the healthy mucosal lining in the stomach. It can also promote healthy bowel movements, as well as intestinal transit and keeping the digestive tract’s fluids.

Here are the 10 Health Benefits of Gelatin:

–  Joint and bone health

– Enhances digestion

– Loaded in proteins

– Packed with keratin

– Get rids of toxins from the system

– Improves digestive functions and prevents issues

– Heals the wounds quicker

– Collagen content

– Aids in losing weight, boost human growth hormone production and metabolism

– Provide good quality of sleep

Recipe For A Delicious Homemade Jelly


3 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin

1 cup of fresh strawberries or grape juice

1 cup of green tea

1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice

Honey or stevia

method of preparation:

At first, cook the green tea and add some honey or stevia. Then, add the gelatin, Mix it until the gelatin is dissolved. Put it aside from the heat and leave it to cool.

After that add the grape and orange juice and mix them well. At the end, pour it in a container and refrigerate it for three hours. The jelly is ready for consumption. Enjoy it!

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