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Vegan Pralines with Chestnuts

As we started to see chestnuts at markets, I thought we must add it them in pralines and then, these Vegan Pralines with Chestnuts is Came Out!

But we must warn you: These pralines are highly addictive since they are melting in your mouth! I know you will ask for more after having the first bite, but maybe, this will be one of your favorite pralines recipes even if you are not following a gluten free diet!

So, they are not only completely sugar-free, but also gluten free! How great is that? Topped with a crunchy chocolate coat – so YUM!

They not only taste amazing but also look super cute, hence, are the perfect give away for friends and family!

In continuation we will present the necessary ingredients and the way of preparing these beauties, and i hope you enjoy them much as we do.

Necessary ingredients

– 300 gr. puree of chestnuts

– 100 gr. oat flour

– 4 tablespoons agave syrup or honey (depending on lifestyle, vegan, vegetarian…)

– 3 tablespoons coconut oil

For cover the pralines: 100 gr. dark chocolate

Method of preparation

Step 1 – Previously the cooked and peeled chestnuts(or puree of chestnuts if you can buy it) are put in a large bowl, on which you will be add all the other ingredients from the list according to the quantities, stir all ingredients together and will get a mixture for pralines.

Step 2 – Leave the resulting mixture in a refrigerator to be rest for a half an hour. The obtained mixture is sufficient for making of 16 pralines.

Step 3 – Take a bit of the obtained mixture, roll it into ball shape. Repeat until all the mixture is done. Then melt your dark chocolate and cover the pralines.

For decoration, crushed nuts or any other desired toppings (we used a grated orange peel). Store in a air-tight container in the refrigerator.

Advice:If you use fresh chestnuts, before cooking them, you need little bit to them cut it.

Good Appetite!