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When you go on a trip, especially on vacation to the desired destination,be sure to take probiotics with you – Here’s why they are of special importance!

When we are on vacation we may face a decline in immunity, colds, problems with digestion, diarrhea ….Then vacation will not feel like a vacation.Take probiotics in your travel bag because regulation of the intestinal microflora is of utmost importance always during travel.

The healthy flora in the intestine stimulates the immune system and provides protection against acute and chronic problems. If pathological bacteria are found in the intestine, irritation of the intestine is increased, and at the same time the immune system weakens. Due to different environmental conditions the quality of water and food, infections from pathogenic мicro organisms are particularly common in travel. The result is weakness, traveler’s diarrhea and fallen immune system. Probiotics are recommended for prevention and as part of rehydration therapy.

Probiotics containing the lactic-acid bacteria of the genus lactobacillus and bifidobacteria are commonly used. After taking them, they pass through the stomach and the Intestinal mucosa where they prevent the pathogenic microorganisms from being tied. This prevents their growth, stimulates the immune system and the activity of existing microflora, inhibits the production of toxins and affects the entire “ecosystem” of the stomach. A key element for the quality of probiotic products is the content of more than 4 billion probiotic microorganisms, especially the type of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria, an enteric coated capsule having a variety of useful types of probiotics in combination with a prebiotic, to encourage their reproduction.

How the probiotics work

Probiotics are great. They perform a number of important functions in the body:

Probiotics prevent the harmful bacteria from retaining themselves in the digestive tract. If retention of bad bacteria occurs, they can cause a number of problems with digestion, so it is crucial to maintain a higher level of probiotic (good) bacteria to maintain the health of the intestinal microflora, and hence on the whole organism.

Nutrient absorption – the probiotics provide complete utilization of nutrients, and assist digestion. They can synthesize nutrients like vitamins from group B and K vitamin. They are also advantageous for better absorption of calcium, important for bone and tooth health.

Strengthening immunity – There is a range of evidence that prove probiotics also support the normal functioning of cells from the immune system by modulating the function of protective barrier. It is so important to know that immunity and its protective role are gaining a greater benefits through the nutrition, what we a consume is a key factor in our health or, as nutritionists say, health is the result of healthy eating habits.

Elimination of harmful waste materials – In addition to the fact that probiotics the provide healthy intestinal microflora and digestion, they also provide easier release from harmful materials and “waste” from the body that are bioproducts of metabolism.

Restoring the balance of the organism – Often after traveling, stress or an imbalance in the organism, good probiotic formulas can quickly improve the general well-being of the organism by restoring the microflora and to a improve the digestion that crucial to feel vital and healthy.

Bonus:To achieve healthy metabolism, optimal immune system,follow these 3 steps:

Firstly is implanting of optimal probiotics. Secondly is feeding the bacteria. Lastly is significantly reducing the foods and liquids that are weakening and killing the probiotics. Implanting must be done with very high-quality probiotics that have the technology to preserve bacteria and allow it to pass through the acidity of the stomach unharmed.

Secondly, we must eat foods called prebiotics that nourish the good bacteria. Ingesting good bacteria without feeding them is one reason most individuals may not receive benefits from probiotics. Some of the foods that nourish and maintain your healthy gut bacteria are the following:

–  Increase your high-fibre foods. Because fibre, which the body can’t digest, ends up in the large intestine where it feeds bacteria it’s important to get enough.

High-fibre foods such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, beans, lentils and whole grains, including oats and brown rice.

– Healthy unprocessed vegetables organically grown.

– Include fermented foods.Research shows that fermented foods are also natural sources of probiotics or good bacteria.

Lastly is significantly reducing the foods which weakens them ,and remove our friendly bacteria.Here are the killers of our healthy bacteria:

– Chlorine,Fluoride,Antibiotics prescribed,Antibiotics in meats,Antibiotics in non-filtered water,Artificial sweeteners (especially in cola’s),Alcohol,Gluten,Chemical cleaners,Glyphosate (active chemical ingredient in herbicide),…..

We encourage you to do more research,about what foods or compounds affect positively or negatively the maintenance of the intestinal flora.Because our health depends on her good condition.

Thanks for reading!