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Which foods should be consumed before and after exercise

If we are careful about weight and maintenance on the slim body line, it seems that not always, the practicing of regular physical activity is enough.

Exercises absolutely influence on the muscle mass, but in combination with proper diet before and after exercise; physical activity will have an increased effect and will accelerate action for melting fats.

We offer several options for meals before and after exercise.


1. Wheat toast with banana and cinnamon

Carbohydrates are indispensable for energy of the body, and therefore should be consumed before exercise.

2. Yogurt / Fruit yogurt

If you are preparing for running, you need to consume something easily for the stomach, but at the same time, something that will give you energy.

Yogurt with muesli and dried fruit with natural sugar is the perfect choice. Use yogurt that containing active yogurt cultures, which is improve digestion of lactose.

This also contains calcium that contributes to the normal function of your digestive system. This excellent probiotic and nutritious product in a tasty way helps you in the dynamic everyday life.

They contain all the important ingredients for active metabolism and good digestion of food. So it’s recommended to consume before exercise.

3. Smoothie

Fast and easy, also energetic enough to you withstand the workout. Smoothie may contain yogurt, fruits, honey and all types of nuts.

4. Oatmeal with fruit

This meal helps you during your workout with the gradual release of sugar into the blood .The fruit helps to increase body fluid content and maintained you to be hydrated.


1. Roast chicken and a mix of vegetables

After exercise, the body needs to return to normal. And for this are needs quality portion nutrients. Meal with chicken and vegetables will saturate you without feeling bloated.

2. Omelet and vegetables

This meal is rich with vitamins A, D, E and K (strong antioxidants that additionally regenerate the body).

3. Salmon and sweet potatoes

In addition to the usual proteins, salmon also has bioactive peptides. A small protein molecule which is play a role in reducing muscle inflammation and helping to regulate level of insulin.

Sweet potatoes help to restore the level of glycogen, which is exhausted after the workout.

4. Sandwich with wheat bread, tuna and spinach

In this meal tuna has low levels of calories, but is rich in proteins and carbohydrates, while spinach lowers blood pressure and inflammation and is the main source of energy.

5. Chocolate milk

It may sound strange, but chocolate milk is a great idea like meal for after exercise.

Only one cup full of taste of real chocolate will act to completely relaxing the body. At the same time you will additionally provide about 40% recommended daily dose of calcium.

And in the end, of course, before starting with exercise and proper nutrition, first consult your doctor or nutritionist.

Thanks for reading!