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With Natural Remedies – Balance Your Hormones

Hormonal imbalance can cause various health problems. But sometimes you can solve these hormonal disorders by using natural remedies. It is recommended to start a day with warm water with lemon, during the day to drink tea from the leaves of raspberry and before going to bed, drink warm golden milk.

Warm water with lemon

Warm water with lemon is stimulates weight loss, removes toxins from the body, strengthens immunity and improves the condition of the skin. The reason is that lemon is affects to hormone for satiety – Leptin. If the leptin is not in balance, the body begins to produce fatty deposits. Lemon helps avoid dehydration and improves digestion.


Drain the juice of half lemon in glass of warm water and drink the liquid at once. It is best to prepare and consume it in the morning.

Tea from Red raspberry leaves

Red raspberry leaf tea helps to strengthen uterus and pelvic wall muscles, which is important for childbirth. Scientific research has confirmed that this plant has a positive impact on the work of hormones. Women who drink of this tea during the pregnancy have an easier birth of his child.


Pour 200 milliliters boiling water over the one tablespoon of raspberries leaf (fresh or dried) and allow standing about 10 minutes. Do not drink this tea before going to bed, but during the day.

Golden Milk

Golden milk improves immunity and creates hormonal balance in the body. This drink heats, refreshes and soothes. It consists of turmeric, coconut oil and sweetener, which is a great combination for entire body.


In 200 milliliters of hot milk add half teaspoon turmeric and one tablespoon of coconut oil. You can add honey to taste. It is best to drink this beverage at night, least one hour before bed.

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