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Yogurt diet – 5 kg for 10 days

Diet with sour milk can help you lose weight 5-6 kg for 10 days.

Yogurt normalize the work of the digestive tract, strengthens immunity, helps purify toxins from the body, improves the exchange of substances and activates metabolism.

Here’s what this diet:

– Sour milk 500 g per day,
– Fruit 300 g (excluding grape, melon, banana and other high sugar concentration).
– Vegetables 300 g per day,
– Green tea, 3 cups a day, no sugar,
– From 150 to 200 g cooked meat (chicken, turkey, veal) or fish.

You combine these products and by themselves create a daily schedule of eating. Besides the decline, this diet is very healthy, so you do not have any danger to health as some diets for example.

Thanks for reading!