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5 Basic Health Benefits of Raisins – As a Good Reason to Use It in the Daily Diet

Raisins (Dried grapes) maybe not look an anything spectacular, but a health benefit that gives is huge. It contains more nutrients and minerals that provide relief in many numerous health problems, such as gastrointestinal, arthritis, kidney stones, heart disease, anemia, and etc.


Prevents cancer

Raisin protects against colon cancer because it contains a polyphenolic antioxidant, called catechin. It protects the body from the proliferation (growth or production of cells by multiplication of part) of free radicals responsible for the growth of the tumor.

Improves digestion

Raisins are rich in fiber and therefore help to clean the digestive tract. It cleans the toxins and other types of waste materials from the gastrointestinal tract, and maintains the health of the all digestive tract.

It improves the health of bones and teeth

Raisins help to strengthen teeth and bones because they contain calcium in large quantities. Raisins also contain boron that helps absorb calcium and create bone mass, which is extremely useful in the prevention of bone diseases, such as osteoporosis, especially in women in postmenopausal.

It supplies body with energy

Raisins are an excellent source of energy and are especially useful for athletes. They can also help those who want to add pounds to achieve their optimal weight. Raisins contain a lot of sugar, such as fructose and glucose, and gives energy to all those who consume it.

Improves immunity

Raisins help in absorption a various nutrients in the body, including proteins and vitamins. In this way, it essentially improves our immune system.

Nutrition facts

In 100 grams of Raisins there are 249 calories, several times more fiber, vitamins, minerals and polyphenolic antioxidants than fresh grapes. But, contain less other nutrients such as vitamin C, folic acid, carotenes and lutein which are also found in this food.

And finally, the raisins can be used to prepare delicious cakes, healthy meals, or in combination with nuts and other dried fruits as a healthy delicious snack.

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