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5 Groceries That Have Preventive Anticancer Effect

Many people today, depending on their capabilities, is trying improve their lifestyle habits, such as use of healthy food sources, physical activity, reducing stress and thus contribute to reduce risk of the occurrence of this severe disease.

Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits is likely to reduce the risk of cancer. Eat a variety of vegetables and fruit it doesn’t matter if they’re fresh, tinned, frozen or dried. The most important is they are to be from organic production.

In the following, we will present you our selection of 5 groceries that have preventive anticancer effect.


Strawberries may be the best choice because they have few calories. They are one of the most popular fruits in spring and summer almost for every occasion and it’s hard to resist on their smell and taste.

One cup of strawberries barely has 50 calories and helps fight against cancer on skin, breast and bladder. It is good to use them fresh as long as their season lasts. Strawberries contain vitamin C, folic acid, fibre, potassium and antioxidants

When buying strawberries, be sure they have a still green cap and whether they are in normal size, as well whether they are of domestic production.If you do not have domestic production, be careful for their origin.

Unfortunately, there are people who are allergic to strawberries and should be completely avoid use of this fruit.


Fiber, folate (B vitamin) and antioxidants in spinach help to protect you against cancer on mouth and vocal cords. One cup of spinach has about 10 calories so you can eat spinach as much as you like. People who take blood thinner, should be limit the use of this vegetable because vitamin K contained in spinach can lead to blood clotting.


The yellow fruit has low levels of sodium, has a sweet taste and helps maintain the body line. Great choice for snacks or desserts and is rich with vitamin C. Spring is the ideal time for detoxification of the entire body. If you put emphasis on fruits and vegetables that are not expensive in certain seasons, have bargain prices, then you will save money and you will be healthier.


Broccoli has numerous health benefits especially for women who have survived the fight against breast cancer. This vegetable is important for the prevention of colon cancer. In one serving, broccoli has only 30 calories and a lot of fiber, which help digestive tract to function better.

Medicinal mushroom Cordyceps

Recent studies have shown that Cordyceps sinesis has anticancer effects (preventing the growth of tumor cells and helps death of cancerous cells) and also indicates its antioxidant effect. Strengthening immunity stimulates the body in the fight against malignant diseases and malignant cells.

By consuming this mushroom, there has been improvement in the general condition in people who suffer of leukemia, kidney and liver cancer. This mushroom regulates blood sugar levels and helps people who have suffer from brain stroke.

The constituents in medicinal mushrooms such as Cordyceps sinesis have few drug interactions and can often be used safely along with conventional therapies.

However, always consult your doctor about the use of this medicine, as well as for any other supplement or herb that you plan to use.


Unhealthy live habits, such as smoking, alcohol and unhealthy foods accelerate the aging process and hence the risk of serious diseases. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and protect cells against damage. Consuming the healthy food along with healthy lifestyle slows down the process of aging, so we can enjoy every day of life.

For good health!