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Carrots – healthy food, natural medicine, nutritional and medicinal properties

Carrots are one of the healthiest vegetables because it contains many useful and healing ingredients. Such foods are used worldwide. Carrots is expressed antimicrobial (antibiotic) properties.

The carrot is a biennial herb and nutritional use its root. The carrot comes from Afghanistan, and throughout history has been transferred to all countries in the world. It is used for food throughout the year.

It is interesting that today there is a carrot with different colors: orange, white, yellow, red, purple … different colors of carrots contain different antioxidants, ingredients that fight the harmful effects of free radicals. Commonly used root, but you can use the leaves of carrots, but previously boiled.

Carrots contain the following nutritional and medicinal ingredients:


-Vegetable fiber

-vitamin C

-vitamin A

-vitamin B

-vitamin D

-vitamin PP

-vitamin H/biotin














-essential oils

Method of use

Carrots used in food:fresh (like salad), cooked (in addition to soups, the stews, the dishes without meat or meat). It is also used as a spice. It is used in winter as easily be stored (in the refrigerator, in the freezer, in the basement).

Because carrots contain few calories and a lot of useful ingredients often used in Diet nutrition and child nutrition. It is very healthy fresh carrot juice, be consumed alone or with another juice. Carrot juice used for coatings in the treatment of some skin diseases.


Carrots contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, and because of the effect of antioxidant, has a very beneficial effect on the body. It improves the natural defenses of the immune system also strengthens the immune system. Thus, the carrot is a natural remedy that helps in many diseases and pathological conditions.

Due to its beneficial medicinal properties, the carrot is recommended for the following conditions and diseases:


– disease of the teeth,

– disease of the heart and blood vessels,

-acid in the stomach,

-children worms,


-loss of appetite,

-depression and stress,

– disease of the skin (dermatitis, eczema)

-to improve eyesight,

-For faster healing of wounds

-for better fat burning in the body,

-While immunodeficiency

-to strengthen nails,

-While chicken blindness

-wherein macular degeneration,

-For kidney disease,

-to maintain brain function

-While burns

-wherein osteoporosis,

-to reduce fatigue,

-wherein fever,

-wherein cholesterol,

-While colds and flu

-While problems with hair,

-cough-versus (carrot juice)

-to regulate digestion and constipation,

-to regulate blood pressure,

-to maintain normal body weight

-to regulate metabolism,

-for prevention of cancer,

-for inflammation of the tonsils and vocal cords,

-versus cellulite

-For diabetes,

-wherein stroke.

Mode of action

Numerous studies have proven that carrots act as a “cleaner” of the organism. It cleanses the body of harmful substances resulting from poor nutrition and the effect of polluted environment and various radiations.

In Norway, the carrot is recommended for children in the form of “Oslo breakfast” because it is considered that helps eliminate fatigue and improve concentration, thereby improving outcome of school.

Carrots are a useful vegetable and a good natural remedy for preventing and treating many diseases. Since it is handy, cheap and affordable groceries, carrots are often used in supplements.

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