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5 Best Antioxidant Foods and Drinks

Talk about superfoods and the first thing that comes to mind is antioxidants- its true- antioxidants are the best substances you could get; they protect you from different diseases, slow down ageing and give you an immune system boost. If you’re looking to add some good foods to your diet, that

10 Healthy Benefits of Green Tea you Didn’t Know

Green tea is more than just a trendy way to lose weight—check out all the benefits of this tea!As of late, drinking green tea has become a trend to help you “lose weight”—but does it really help? Green tea is a lot healthier than drinking soda or sugar filled juices. If

Broccoli juice for energy and vitality

The broccoli juice is gives to our body all the energy and vitality who is needed, which is necessary for us to perform the daily tasks in our lives. necessary ingredients: - 4 flower broccoli - 2 hands of spinach - 1 apple, cut into larger pieces -2 oranges, peeled and sliced into large pieces -1-2

Juice that kills cancer-Ready in minutes

For preventing the cancer, many people drink this magic juice that kills cancer. Also enriched the body with energy, corrects blood and increases immunity. There is only one drawback is not exactly tasty. However, due to its impact on our body, it should neglect. On the other hand, many people drink

Yogurt diet – 5 kg for 10 days

Diet with sour milk can help you lose weight 5-6 kg for 10 days. Yogurt normalize the work of the digestive tract, strengthens immunity, helps purify toxins from the body, improves the exchange of substances and activates metabolism. Here's what this diet: - Sour milk 500 g per day, - Fruit 300 g (excluding