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Drink every morning cup of lukewarm water with the juice of half a lemon and you will have very good health

Scientists have proven that a glass of lukewarm water and juice of half a lemon does wonders for the body. This healthy drink will you rejuvenate and will also help you lose weight.

The drink is rich in antioxidants, has a great effect on immunity, metabolism, look and feel of hunger. Drink had with water and lemon should be at room temperature.

-It encourages immunity

This drink is rich in vitamin C strengthens the immune system. In addition, nutritionists say that vitamin C from lemon helps the body absorb iron, especially that which is found in foods that are not of animal origin.

– it improves digestion

Lemon juice is similar to the structure of the juices in the stomach and has a positive effect on the digestive tract. Additionally, lemon juice is good against acids and bloating.

-helps to regenerates skin

Lemon is excellent in the fight against aging skin. Namely , antioxidant of lemon are fight against the free radicals that cause aging. Vitamin C from the lemon helps build collagen, which keeps wrinkles under control.

– reduces appetite

Lemons contain pectin which creates a feeling that you are not hungry and probably because it does not feel a great need for food over the next meal less you make a mistake when choosing the food.

– balance pH value

Glass of water with a little lemon juice reduces the acidity of the body. Namely,this drink it containing citric acid, and does not produce acids in the body.

-it refreshes breath

The properties of lemon as an antiseptic ,is the destruction all the bad bacteria in the mouth her and act how disinfectant. Cup lemon juice and water instead of morning coffee is healthier choices.

-helps healing of wounds

This drink, protects health, reduces stress and depression helps to healing wounds. Drink had of lemon is good for the health of bones, tissues, cartilage and have a major role in calming the inflammatory processes.

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