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Protect yourself from fraud! How to identify fake honey!

There are three main types of honey: natural (pure), fake and artificial. Natural honey contains raw honey, forged contains natural honey, and other ingredients, and artificial honey consisting of sugar syrup or corn syrup, additives and dyes.

In addition, read how to recognize the pure, natural honey.

If possible, buy honey directly from beekeepers. Many beekeepers sell honey directly to farms for bees. Thus shall use the opportunity to ask questions about how they produce honey. Pure honey contains 0% of water. Water stimulates growth of fungi. Do not give pure honey to children under one year.

Read the label on the package. manufacturer should state the ingredients contained in honey what he it produces. If honey is pure, it should be written on the label, including the percentage of pure honey it contains.

Put a little honey between forefinger and thumb and rub until it falls apart. Little honey will be absorbed into the skin, if there is honey, but pure honey is good for the skin. Natural honey is not sticky. If honey rub between the fingers sticky then contain sugar or artificial sweeteners.Put a few drops of honey on paper.Pure honey will not break the paper longer time , because does not contain water.

Put a little honey besides ants. Bees instinctively build their basket of the trees and among the rocks. They put honey in their basket to protect against pests like ants. Ants do not touch natural honey.Mix honey with egg yolk. If honey is pure bile will look like it was boiled.

Fill a glass of water and add a spoonful of honey. Pure honey will clump and will fall to the bottom , false honey will begin to melt.Smear honey on bread. Natural honey will strengthen the bread for a few minutes. Artificial honey will wet the bread because it contains water.

Natural pure honey gives a feeling of tingling in the mouth immediately before swallowing. False honey it can not achieve . Watch whether honey will crystallize over time. Imitation of honey will remain smooth as syrup, no matter how long it is kept, while the true honey crystallizes.

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