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The Main Reasons To Make Decision – Synthetic Vitamins: Yes Or No?

The cold is a reason enough to buy lot of medicines and vitamins from which we do not really have any benefits. Synthetic vitamins are a chemical copy of the natural vitamins, with the difference that they lack an important part that we need, and that is bioelectricity (the natural energy of food).

Synthetic vitamins is not very useful, sometimes harmful, while natural ones improve health and have a different value than those offered in shape of chemical product. Therefore, instead of daily intake of vitamin pills, the most important thing is to improve your diet with natural vitamins.

Vitamin A

The positive effect of this vitamin is to stimulates the natural immunity, regulates blood pressure, contributes to better sleep, stimulates growth of hair and nails, contributes to better vision, protects against infections and various problems related to body weight.

Natural Vitamin A is found in carrots, radishes, potatoes, tomatoes, whole grains, garlic and onions, dried fruits, apricots, lemon, orange, cheese, vegetable oil, honey and royal jelly.

Overdose with synthetic vitamin A causes headaches and vomiting, drying of the skin, liver function disorders, anorexia and loss of appetite.

Vitamins from group B

In these groups are vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12. These vitamins have a positive role in stimulating the work of the heart, the liver and digestive organs, fighting fatigue, promoting the production of blood cells and the formation of hemoglobin.

Vitamins of this group is found in the green parts of fresh vegetable, fresh fruits, dried fruits, whole rice, peanuts, walnuts and eggs.

Overdosing with this group of vitamins, the following health risks can be occurring: hypertension, nausea, reddening of the skin and cramps.

Vitamin C

The influence of this vitamin is the most important, if you are regularly and correctly consume, in the strengthening of your immune system. In addition, the intake of vitamin C also affects on adrenal gland function, protects against toxins from cigarette smoke, improves oxygenation and supply of oligo elements and participates in the formation of the progesterone.

Natural vitamin C is found in red cabbage, spinach, garlic, paprika, lemon, kiwi, currant, orange, honey and royal jelly.

Overdosing with this vitamin can be causing the following side effects: diarrhea and digestive disorders, insomnia, also can be blocking the absorption of copper and zinc.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D affects on bones growth and gives firmness of the skin. It is found in olive oil, vegetables and salads, honey and royal jelly.

Overdosing with this vitamin can stop the effects of vitamins A and E, to increase arterial pressure, reduce appetite and cause nausea and fatigue.

Vitamin E

With regularly consuming of this vitamin you can reduce skin aging, improve fertility and sexual balance, and regulate function of the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland.

Vitamin E is found in honey and royal jelly, in green salads, olive oil and eggs.

Overdose with this vitamin causes the following unwanted health consequences: disorders in the digestive system, headache and nausea, visual disturbance, dizziness, and inflammation of the oral cavity.

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