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Thyroid gland – Which food is best for proper functioning and which should be avoid into daily diet

Thyroid problems are often caused by free radicals. On the other hand, food rich in antioxidants protects us, and has impact on production of thyroid hormones, from which depend many important bodily functions.

Those who want a healthy thyroid they need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries, tomatoes, cherries, zucchini and peppers. But, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, spinach, brussels sprouts, bok choy,..),fruits and starchy plants (strawberries, pears, peaches, peanuts, millet, corn,..), and soy-based foods(soy milk, tofu,…) can have a goitrogenic effect.

To clarify, what are Goitrogens? – Goitrogens are substances that interfere with the normal function of the thyroid gland. Put simply, they make it more difficult for the thyroid to produce the hormones your body needs for normal metabolic function. The thyroid is a gland responsible for regulating the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, and low thyroid hormone levels affect metabolism, which can lead to weight gain.Your doctor may recommend an anti-goitrogenic diet as one way of dealing with low thyroid hormone levels.

When choosing the best products that support thyroid function, it is necessary to limit the intake of foods rich in goitrogen in favor of food that helps the thyroid gland.

This includes food rich in vitamin B and iron, fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, algae, lean meats, fish, beans, olive oil and vegetable oil. Vitamin B-rich foods help your thyroid. These include the liver, turkey and veal, Brazilian walnuts, potatoes, lentils, black beans and kefir.

Fresh vegetables rich in iron also support the function of the thyroid gland. This includes beets and parsley. Whole grains also help the thyroid gland. For example, lentils, brown rice, barley, millet, popcorn, wild rice, oats and integrally flour. Consume marine plants, such as algae advise nutritionists.

Lean meat, fish from the cold seas, flax and beans provide useful proteins and help maintain health of the thyroid gland. Organic food is a particularly good choice because it does not contain certain steroids and hormones that can reduce the natural production of thyroid hormones.

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for the thyroid gland. Tuna and salmon are good sources when it comes to caught fish in the sea, and not those grown in fishponds.

Flax seeds is good for thyroid gland (grind it into a coffee grinder, and then place it in yogurt, salads and soups).It is added into cooked meals after preparation, but not earlier. The choice of healthy edible oil is essential for the thyroid gland. Olive oil and canola oil also are good choice.

If you already have a problem with the thyroid gland, before selecting any of these foods, consult your doctor or specialist.

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