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Wonderful Benefits of Popular Winter Spices

In winter, it is better to consume spicy food and drinks. Some of the spices can be put into a tea, in warm wine, and thus way you are not only will warm up, but also you will have positive effect on your body. Most of the healing spices will help you against colds and coughs, so start using them more often.


Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices. Most of the spices are obtained from minced seeds of different herbs and plants, but the cinnamon is different. It is obtained from inner layer of the bark of tree. Cinnamon is used to help with a coughing, and also for stopping runny nose. When added to cocoa, tea or warmed wine, it enhances the taste of beverage. Also cinnamon is added to various desserts.


Cloves, originates from eastern Indonesia, and is used as a breath freshener. In China, during the Han Dynasty, it was mandatory to chew cloves, before speak with emperor. The cloves contains a large percentage of antioxidants (a half teaspoon has the same amount of antioxidants as half a cup of berries). Also, the cloves are great for calming the bloating. The fruit salad with, a little cloves gives a great taste, and helps to maintain a healthy organism. You can add it to tea or in warmed wine.


In ancient Rome, at the end of the celebration, cakes made with anise were served, in order to calm food digestion and refresh breath. Anise, improves digestion, reduces nausea, gases and bloating, and is also good against cough and colds. It’s great to add him to the soup, and you can also make tea. One cup after dinner or any other meal will help to calm your stomach.


Curcuma, more commonly known as turmeric, may help treat a variety of different ailments. India is one of the countries in the world with the least number of people who suffering from intestines cancer, and turmeric is the main and responsible ingredient for this statistics. Turmeric is contains an antioxidant that has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity and is an excellent prevention for various tumors. Turmeric is used in traditional Indian, Thailand and Chinese medicines for a variety of health problems.


Ginger has been used for centuries, as a very effective remedy against cough and cold. Even when the more severe symptoms are concerned, the ginger tea can reduce inflammation of throat, itching, coughing, and may even help with a clogged nose. In addition, ginger is excellent against, nausea and digestive problems. Also it is known to help in fight against ovarian cancer.

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